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Portal Design

A portal web design revolves around the idea that a user online can go to one page and from there navigate to other pages that are of similar interest. An ideal portal design should provide user history and essential profile information that can help them to navigate in the website. Some of the most commonly used portals are yahoo, Google and AOL. The portals will usually provide a wide array of features for its users and hence it will be very convenient to access all the information in one website.

Why should you choose WebThot for portal design?

  • Creative portal designs for marketplace, communities and personal use
  • Best designs
  • Target potential audience
  • Experienced team
  • Efficient applications and collaborations
  • Fast turnaround time

There are various different kinds of portals that can be used for several purposes such as business or personal use. All you need to do is to first analyze the needs and requirements and then choose the right portal type that can match your requirements. The personal portals are usually designed for your laptop or mobile phone where one can use of for personal use and applications. The website portal is used to integrate the work of the employers and the employees. This is the most common type of portal that is being used in various business companies.

Types of portals offered by WebThot:

  • Personal portal
  • Regional portal
  • Government portal

WebThot offers various different types of customized portal designs for your business or personal use. An ideal portal should provide all the user functions such as news, email and entertainment in good shape to the users. The most commonly used types of portals are horizontal and vertical portal designs. The horizontal portals can help you to cover a wide variety of designs and hence can be used for business purposes. The vertical portals will throw light only on specific areas or niches. They can be used for personal use.

WebThot specializes in providing personal portals for the visitors in the internet in a personalized pathway as per your needs and requirements in an efficient method. The personal portal can be customized as per the requirements of an individual. The designs provided by our professionals at WebThot will be of high quality and attractive to the customers. You can now call us for any enquires regarding portal design services!